• Meet Spinebot


    Posture trainer that makes you healthier and look younger.

  • Why Spinebot

    If you don't care today for your Posture, it may be too late. Our today's lifestyle needs more prevention


    Spinebot helps you prevent it

    Spondylitis is one of the most common causes of back and neck pain, and results from inflammation of the vertebral joints. The condition is often not detected until it has fully developed and is causing pain.

    Increased sitting hours

    Spinebot trains

    Each one of us sits in front of screens , smaller or bigger for several hours a day. If our posture is not right, we are susceptible to develop back pain that gets severe as we age.

    Wrong posture during exercise

    Spinebot helps

    Be it Yoga or weight training , if not done in right posture can trouble you rather than help you.

    Sittings are too long

    Spinebot alerts

    Sitting too long is not healthy. Spinebot can alert you when it notices that you have not moved for long.

  • Statistics

    AIS World Survey


    People face back pain in their life


    Majority of complaints from Desk Workers

    100 Billion US$

    Indirect cost of back pain in US alone

  • Features

    We watch your back !

    Improve Posture

    Look desired , Stay fit

    Train your posture in 14 days.

    Remind to Move

    Sit smarter

    Doctors recommend you to take short breaks while you are siting and working on a task for long. Spinebot helps you practice that.

    Step up

    Step one by one

    On an average, people take 3000-6000 steps everyday , world average is 4961. Spinebot counts your steps

  • How it works

    Spinebot will help you train your posture in just two weeks. Our app will help you calibrate and train you as per your needs.

    Turn ON

    Spinebot is a tiniest wearable

    @ 42x26.5x10 mm


    Put it ON

    Mount it on your back between shoulders

    Immediate Feedback

    Get a gentle poke (vibration) as soon as your posture goes incorrect.

  • Next Generation of wearables

    Office workers, beauty conscious , students, fitness freaks - SpineBot is your true friend.

  • Our Promise

    Never before in history of wearables, it happened !

    30 days buy back

    We want to help more people achieve good health and good looks. We will buy back Spinebot if you return to us within 30 days.



    * Limited Period

    1year warranty

    We have built a world class product. If you don't want to use our 30 day buy back offer, don't worry. Keep training. We got your Spinebot covered for a year

    Tracking data

    Once you sign-up, we keep your history of tracking data. You get nice graphs. You can set target and see the progress against that.

  • FAQ

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    What comes with my Spinebot purchase?

    • Spinebot  (wearable)
    • Reusable skin-safe adhesive strips
    • Compact Spinebot case

    When can I expect my Spinebot ?

    We'll be shipping our first batch Winter 2017. For weekly updates on our production process, please subscribe to our newsletter below.

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