How To Use

Turn It On

Just press the button to turn it on.

Put It On

Just Stick on you back.

Immediate Feedback

Get a gentle poke (vibration) as soon as your posture goes incorrect.

Built With Love & Care

It's really hard to achieve best of all Size, Weight, Battery Backup. But with our experienced team & hard work we build it for you.

Creative Design

Light, Sleek, Beautiful, Waterproof design. It fits seamlessly on your back.

One Click Start

Just click the button and it start monitoring your posture.

Multi Color Status LED

Multi Color LED allow you to simply see different status of device like. Tracking, Charging, Low battery, etc.

Lightest weight

With so many feature we keep it to be one of the lightest wearable.

Longest Battery Life

It can last upto 4 days with full charging.

True Sensor that senses your posture

World most advanced and efficient Gyro & Accel. keeps track of your posture realtime.

Smooth Caring Viberator

It reminds you like your caring one, gentally, when you slouch.

Super fast charger

With charge of 1hr can use for upto 3 days.

Visual Calibration

Visually calibrate & customize your own posture with a single click

Pure & Simple UI

Simplest, easy to use UI for anyone.

Cloud Backup

It automatically sync your history to cloud for free.

Auto Schedule

Auto schedule when you want to track and when you want to practice.

Why Spinebot

If you don't care today for your Posture, it may be too late. Our today's lifestyle needs more prevention.

Fixes your bad spine posture

Just get training 30 min a day and see the report how your spine posture is being improved.


Prevents Many Spine Problems

Many problem are created because of slouching like: back pain, nick pain, tiredness. USA Alone spen 10 million $ only on spine problems.

Look Slim by standing straight

When you stand straight, the belly fat stretches out and appears smaller. When you slouch, the belly fat protrudes more and appears bigger.

Gives you Confident look

It give you perfect by making your spine straight.

Keeps you fresh and active all day

Keeps you free from back-pain and keep you fresh all day.



People face back pain in their life



Majority of complaints from Desk Workers



Indirect cost of back pain in US alone

App Screenshots

Personal training program customized to your need. Review your stats, history and usage on the app.

What clients say?

This product very useful our body .They are very happy for buy the Spinebot.

Ankit Sharma

Spinebot solve many problem .So I can very happy. Thankyou builting AIS World this product.Loving Spinebot from packaging to on-boarding to actual day-to-day use the experience has been great!

Ratnakar Singh

After a month of using the Spinebot I really started feeling the muscles on my back just like after a workout. I felt my back getting stronger and I’ve gotten more aware of my posture too. It really does the trick!”.

Sachin Singh

I've tried to improve my bad posture, and find that a huge obstacle is just remembering to sit correctly! I've tried using visual queues,a post-it on my monitor,my hand to notice and remind me,"sit straight!".

Manjusha Srivastava

I was secretly doing my Day 7 training today at work, when a new colleague commented from across the room, "You have such good posture!". Guess it’s working after all! .

Our Prices

We want to help more people achieve good health and good looks. We will buy back Spinebot if you return to us within 30 days.



  • Spinebot Price:-6100INR Only
  • Preorder Spinebot
  • 1 Year Wanranty
  • App Free
2999INR Only
Preorder Now


We let the results speak for themselves.

Why this app is so awesome

This App very Creative UI and Easy to install app.This app generates a personalized training plan customized to meet your individual needs. A training plan includes a set of daily training goals. Each goal represents the recommended time for you to train each day.

What comes with my Spinebot purchase?

Spinebot (wearable), Reusable skin-safe adhesive strips ,Compact Spinebot case.Spinebot to be worn directly on the spine, so they are discrete. No one has to know your training to be posture perfect. It’s just between you and your upright

When can I expect my Spinebot ?

We'll be shipping our first batch 2018. For weekly updates on our production process, please subscribe to our newsletter below.

Is there any side effects to using Spinebot?

No,there is no side effect.It is certified in FCB.

Is there any warranty on Spinebot ?

Yes, it comes with one year warranty.

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